The Condominium market in Toronto is on fire!

Millions of dollars are coming in every year as investors and direct buyers are seeking a secure and profitable return on their capital. No where else in the world has the real estate industry done so well in recessionary times as Canada, especially, Toronto.

Our team of brokers works hard with the developers to get for our clients the best out there that there is to offer.

So what are VIP prices? When a brand new pre-construction Condominium project is launched – we are one of the first ones to find out. We get our clients pre-sales events prices for the units that are much lower than the regular prices available to the general public. On top of that that, we also secure for our clients many additional incentives, including further discounts, extensions of deposit structures, fees waived, clauses included for free, finishes, etc. This all equates to thousands  in $$ saved! 

Working with a Realtor from our team has other benefits too.

We always do a full background check on the projects we promote and ensure we have enough information and data for you to make a sound investment choice. We will show you around the neighborhood, give you a market synopsis on whats happening in the future and what already exists, prepare a financial plan and affordability chart, prepare a return on investment summary, and walk you through the entire process from the day you become interested till the day you become a proud owner. We also arrange financing for those who need it.

Our extensive network with the sales team on the developers side ensures we get top notch service with top notch prices.

If you would like any further information on how this works, or for details on any of the projects, just give us a call and we would be happy to help!

Yours truly,

Najeah Nasir

Nash Azam

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